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25 Nov

To be honest I have, since the very first start of the blog phenomenon, been strict with my acceptance of fashion blogs, basically because I early found the amazing “Street fashion” blog The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman, which I believe is the most complete over the history. Every time I have come across other street-capturing-fashion-blogs I kind of ignored them. I have preferred to stay loyal to The Sartorialist, mostly because of my love for his work and due to his original and very independent idea of fashion. As no one can have missed by now, I certainly claim that fashion is personal and all about individual tastes, characters and interests, trends though, are created by “opinion leaders” and the commercial industry survives on these.

However, by surprise I came over the urban fashion website-blog coolhunter/Mexico the other day and believe me or not, I dig it a lot. What really got to pay my attention were the visual expression and the excellent mix of content. The captured street photos of people and interesting trend updates really made COOLHUNTER something extra among all the information I have come across so far in this country.

Since I am curious in a cone, I contacted the founder of coolhunter/Mexico™ in order to know more about the project and stuff around. It all ended up in this interesting interview below! Enjoy your reading!

What are the main objectives with COOLHUNTERMX?

–          coolhunter/Mexico™ It is not only a blog and website, it is a multi-disciplined fashion project informing and communicating about Mexican fashion design as well as acting as a kind of trend lab. What we really want to transmit to our readers is new, fresh and different information from the fashion scene. We focus on events and in order to create an inspiring content we tell about up coming talents and designers that no one so far know of. The project is in its early growing phases and we have already plans on expansions.

Do you corporate internationally? With other blogs or fashion websites?

–          The collaborations in the blog are limited; we have, in order to focus on the texts and photos instead of the “blogger”, preferred to form a team that consists of a wide range of “know-how”. However though, we collaborate in different parts and always taking into consideration new opinions and feedback. Due to the fact that a lot of our content is captured internationally collaborations and contacts are really (Spain, London… Latin America) important! The future goal is to have a coolhunter in each “hot spot” of the world.

According to you, who is the most successful Mexican designer in the history, and in the present?

–          Well, one has to mention the fact that “real” fashion design and authentic global trends didn’t exist in Mexico before 2000’s. Fashion design is today an on going development in Mexico, and there is still a lot of work to do in order to put attention on this market.

However, to mention some of the designers that really provide with quality and strength there are Andrés Jimenéz (Mancandy)and Alejandra Quesada.

Daniel Andrade is serious with his creating such as the collections by Trista and Nimisnequi. I think that they all have the character and profile to go internationally, but it is important to keep in mind that it also exists more alternative fashion, designers as good as previous mentioned, such as Rafael Cuevas and Roberto Sánchez (Te Amo).

How would you describe a typical Mexican outfit (present fashion) in five words?

–          Usually in Mexico guys don’t dress up during the week, something that for sure would need to be changed as a start for fashion to be more highlighted here… but to define what you ask for, I can’t deny that Mexican fashion is natural, simple, comfortable and in some cases it starts to be “daring”.

Could you mention two Mexicans fashion inspirers?

–          For me there are inspirers everywhere… it is not about bizarre people or design clothing.. it is about people with good taste, attitude and real people who loves the elegance. Not a matter of unattainable characters, if not “feel comfortable in your skin” and have personality.

But, just to mention, two of my favorite inspirers are: Karina Estrada (Blogger/ Monterrey) and Roberta Maceda (fashion student / Mexico City) are two girls who really inspire I think, and if you ask me for a guy: Andres Rizo certainly is an inspirer.

Could you recommend any fashion event that will take place here in Mexico in the coming year?

–        As always we have the fashion weeks in Mexico: International Designers Mexico and Mercedes Benz Dfashion Mexico… but what we find interesting are the shop            openings, the new designers expositions, galleries, art fairs (MACO), vintage         markets and other surprising happenings.

Thank you Karin for this interview, it was a pleasure [!]

I thank coolhunter/Mexico for sharing his experience and knowledge of Mexican fashion with me and all you friends, and wish him loads of luck!!



by Carrascal

15 Nov

by Carrascal is a free and seductive brand for cosmopolitan minded men, by the cool and handsome Columbian fashion designer Edgar Carrascal who lives and work in Barcelona. 

Edgar himself describes the by Carrascal man as an “attractive animal who never escapes of any eyes, always living life walking his hunger for fun and unique styling. The creations of Edgar Carrascal are mixing sensations, at the same time as keeping a young, fresh and cosmopolitan line throughout the collections. A part from the main shirts, the brand also creates cool clothing complements and accessories.

At the moment there are no direct distribution of by Carrascal in Mexico, but if you are interested to order a customized shirt for your boyfriend feel free to contact the brand by emailing


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